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It is web/intranet application for project management.


Goal is to create application, that will have the same purpose like JIRa with focus on small and middle companies.


Application is in development stage. Not all funcionality is implemented. It contains many erros (about hundreds).


  • Open source.
  • Highly configurable.
  • Multiuser.
  • Locale support - Czech and English included.
  • Strong security - based on users, groups, roles and elementary rights.
  • Modularity - separated into modules, easy module installation.
  • Clean design.
  • Mini applications - gadgets.
  • Scripting support - jython, javascript, beanshell, velocity. Easy to add another script language.
  • Event driven.
  • Auditing.
  • Integration to other system with gateways. REST, SVN, http and mail gateways included.
  • Workflow module with nice graphics designer.
  • Central file repository with file versions.
  • Own wiki implementation based on creole wiki.
  • Some other modules: contact and company management, news, comments, ratings, state, template, scheduler, ...

Application type

Implementation language is Java. Data is stored in postgresql database. For web page generating we use wicket framework. Application needs for deployment java web container. It is tested in apache tomcat. Application is lightweight - it does not use technologies like jboss, spring, etc. However it use own implementation, how to solve problems, that solve these libraries. Forexample module gluening is done by scripts, ORM is automatic based on equality of database names and attribute classes.

Name description

Dukla is the name of village in Poland. There is Dukla defile on the south. Czechoslovak army together with Soviet union brothers entered Czechoslovakia through this defile on autumn 1944 to liberate my homeland from fascist evil.


Projects store these data:
  • Employees and other resources that are needed for project
  • Companies and contacts, which are in relation to project
  • Project components and tasks
  • Employee time tracks
  • Issues reprted by employees and customers
  • Releases a install environment.

Time shield

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Supported languages

Czech Republic
United States of America
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